SharePoint Certification

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At SharePoint certifications, we help people prove to themselves and employers that they are well trained IT Professional.
Our experienced trainers work with you to transform your skills from an enthusiast to a versatile and well-rounded IT Professional. We believe that IT Training in schools and universities have too much of a focus on the Technical skills of a user rather than working as part of a team. We want to be part of changing that to more team focused IT Professionals. We are based in Kirkcaldy, Fife , just a few miles north of Edinburgh, but we see the world as our market.


Our Trainers have been working in the industry since 2003 so they have a wealth of real-world experience to draw on that they will endeavour to pass on to you.


Our IT Pathways programme incorporates professional quality development projects built to real-world specifications so that our delegates get an accurate understanding of the quality of work that needs to be produced to make a professional solution.

People focused

Our IT Pathways course is a 24 week training programme that develops not only our delegates technical skills to meet industry requirements but also their personal skills. We help ensure that our delegates have the skills to be an active team member.


The IT Pathways course covers a variety of topics ranging from web based development to C# coding and Microsoft Specific platform development.
We work to ensure that you have a wide variety of skills that are attractive to all businesses